How long did it take Eminem to rap Godzilla? (2023)

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How long did it take Eminem to rap Godzilla?

In the following days, however, outlets began reporting a particular achievement regarding the track "Godzilla." The track, which is the most popular song from the album, features a posthumous appearance from Juice WRLD. Towards the end of the third verse, Eminem reportedly raps 229 words in just 30 seconds.

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What is the fastest rap on Godzilla?

Eminem's New Track 'Godzilla' Just Broke the World Record for Fastest Rap Verse. The controversial artist spits bars at 10.65 syllables per second on the track's third verse. Rapper Eminem made his surprise comeback this month with his 10th studio album, Music to Be Murdered By.

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What is Eminem's fastest rap time?

“Rap God” (2013)

Not only does Eminem include a blisteringly fast verse in “Rap God”, with the quickest section clocking in at 9.6 syllables per second, but this track also holds the Guinness World Record for “Most Words in a Hit Single”. It packs 1,560 words into a 6 minutes and 10 seconds.

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How many words can Eminem rap in 30 seconds?

In the third verse of Eminem's (USA, b. Marshall Mathers III) No. 1 single “Godzilla”, the rapper squeezes 225 words into one 30-second segment – that's a rapid 7.5 words per second!

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What is the most words said in 30 seconds?

The Detroit rapper spit 229 words in just 30 seconds.

Eminem has beaten his own record.

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Which is the fastest rap ever?

Mista Tung Twista is an American rapper who holds the Guinness world record for the fastest rap song ever recorded. His track clocks in at an incredible 6.9 seconds, making it one of the quickest rap songs of all time.

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Who has the fastest rap?

According to the Guinness World Records, the title of the world's fastest rapper - with a hit single - belongs to none other than Eminem. With his unique blend of skill, speed, and storytelling, Eminem has carved out a legacy that remains unparalleled in the rap world.

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What is the longest Eminem song?

The Most Words in a Song Questions

Answer: Eminem. Detroit-native, Eminem, set the Guinness world record with the song "Rap God" clocking in 1,560 words in six minutes. Eminem rapped an average of 4.28 words per second in the track.

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What is the fastest BPM song thousand?

approximately 1,015 BPM

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How can I learn to rap fast?

1. Repeat the same Rap lyrics over and over and over. Finding lyrics that are already fast and practicing them to get faster and faster will give you an idea of how you need to use your mouth to get out the words faster. The more you practice it, the less effort your mouth will need to use, and the faster you can go.

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Why can Eminem rap so fast?

Eminem is only able to rap so fast because of his many years of practice. Growing up in the Detroit slums he would write wraps daily and perfected, over time he's literally trained his tongue and mouth to move at lightning speed, while still retaining full pronunciation of all the syllables.

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What is faster than Rap God?

“Godzilla” also far exceeds his famously speedy “Rap God,” where he spits 157 syllables in 16.3 seconds, or 9.6 syllables per second.

How long did it take Eminem to rap Godzilla? (2023)
Who is the greatest rapper of all time?

#1 Jay-Z. Jay-Z, born Shawn Carter, is an American rapper who hails from NYC—a fact he raps about consistently over the course of his nearly three-decade career. He quickly rose to fame in the mid-1990s when he released his debut studio album, Reasonable Doubt, from his own record label Roc-A-Fella Records.

Who raps faster Eminem or logic?

On the track “100 Miles and Running,” the listener is graced with an adrenaline rush. Logic pumps out 69 words in under nine seconds — that's faster than the fastest verse of Eminem's “Rap God.”

Is Speedom faster than Godzilla?

Speedom is 12.5 syllabels per second which is just a bit slower than Godzilla's 12.6 syllabels per second.

What is Nicki Minaj's fastest rap?

“Godzilla” (2020) smashed the record he set as a guest on Nicki Minaj's “Majesty” (2018), when he spat out 78 words in 12 seconds (6.5 words per second), which in turn eclipsed his performance on the 2013 hit “Rap God” (97 words in 15 seconds; 6.46 words per second).

How many words are in Rap God?

Rap God packs 1,560 words into six minutes and three seconds, an average of just under 4.3 words a second. It also includes a 15-second passage in which he manages 97 words, at just under 6.5 words a second, which is really quite fast.

What is the most spoken word of all time?

Of all the words in the English language, the word “OK” is pretty new: It's only been used for about 180 years. Although it's become the most spoken word on the planet, it's kind of a strange word.

How does Eminem rap so fast without breathing?

Eminem, like many other skilled rappers, has developed a technique known as "controlled breathing" or "diaphragmatic breathing" that allows him to maintain his flow and rhythm while rapping continuously without losing his breath.

How fast is Godzilla song?

Godzilla's expletive-laced verse is comprised of a whopping 330 total syllables, meaning the world-renowned musician has beaten his own record and is able to rap 10.65 syllables per second, or 7.23 words per second, as reported by Genius.

Who is the first rapper in the world?

One of the first rappers at the beginning of the hip hop period, at the end of the 1970s, was also hip hop's first DJ, DJ Kool Herc. Herc, a Jamaican immigrant, started delivering simple raps at his parties, which some claim were inspired by the Jamaican tradition of toasting.

Who is the fastest male rapper in the world?

Who holds the fastest rap record? Eminem holds the record for rapping 97 words in 15 seconds. In another single, Godzilla, the artist spit 225 words in 30 seconds.

How fast can crucified rap?

The band broke up in 1993 due to personal differences. Crucified is also a rapper from New Braunfels, Texas. Known for hitting speeds over 20 syllables per second, Crucified has been dubbed one of the fastest rappers in the world.

Has Eminem retired?

What is certain is that Eminem has had a long and successful career in the music industry and has left an indelible mark on the rap genre. While his retirement may be disappointing to his fans, it is important to respect his decision and to appreciate the music he has given us over the years.

Did Eminem run 8 miles?

His training regimen involved running 8.5 miles on a treadmill every morning before heading to the recording studio, then repeating the distance again that night.

Which song has the most swear words?

The 1980s group, 2 Live Crew, made everyone sound like they were just writing the encore for the school play and Lil' Jon (see below) holds a Guinness World Record with 295 cusses in just one song: 2004's "Real N----- Roll Call," with Ice Cube.

Does Eminem have a world record?

Eminem's debut studio album, debut extended play and the Southpaw soundtrack are his only albums to not chart on the Official Albums Chart. Eminem holds the record for the most consecutive number one albums in Official Albums Chart history, with ten consecutive UK number one albums.

What's the slowest BPM?

Approximately from the slowest to the fastest:
  • Larghissimo – extremely slow (24 bpm and under)
  • Adagissimo and Grave – very slow, very slow and solemn (24-40 bpm)
  • Largo – slow and broad (40–66 bpm)
  • Adagio – slow with great expression (44–68 bpm)
  • Larghetto – rather slow and broad (44–66 bpm)

What song has 1015 BPM?

In 1993 mainstream producer Moby released the track “Thousand”. As the title suggests, it was one of the first recorded songs to reach past 1,000 beats per minute, registering at approximately 1,015BPM at its peak. The vigorous tune was later recognised by Guinness World Records for its extreme tempo.

What BPM is 1000000 times?

1,000,000 TIMES feat. chelly (EGOIST) is a moody song by MY FIRST STORY with a tempo of 200 BPM.

Why do rappers hold up 4 fingers?

Known as the "silent signal," the trend saw users tucking in their thumbs into their palms, holding four fingers up faced forward, and then closing them into a fist. This is meant to signal that someone is in danger, according to Distractify.

How many hours should I practice rap?

If you aim to only be above average or good in rapping, then practicing 3 hours every day will improve your skills to a reasonable extent.

How fast is Eminem's Godzilla?

Background. American rapper Juice Wrld's feature on the track marked his first posthumous release following his fatal seizure resulting from a drug overdose on December 8, 2019. Eminem's third verse on the track holds the record for his fastest rap verse, rapping 11 syllables per second, or 222 words in 30 seconds.

Who was Rap God dissing?

Eminem references the Clinton–Lewinsky scandal in order to demonstrate his longevity as a dominant force in the rap industry, thus establishing himself as an "immortal god". The song's tempo is 148 BPM.

What is the fastest verse in a song?

Top 10 Fastest Rap Verses Ever
  • #8: “New West” (2005) ...
  • #7: “100 Miles & Running” (2018) ...
  • #6: “Break Ya Neck” (2001) ...
  • #5: “Record Breaker (World's Fastest Rapper)” (2007) ...
  • #4: “Slow Jamz” (2003) Twista feat. ...
  • #3: “Godzilla” (2020) Eminem feat. ...
  • #2: “Worldwide Choppers” (2011) Tech N9ne feat. ...
  • #1: “Power Up” (2017) Crucified.

What is Eminem's top 5 fastest song?

  • Love game.
  • Vegas.
  • Welcome 2 hell.
  • Echo.
  • Despicable -freestyle.
  • Fastlane- his 2nd verse.
  • Forever.
  • My life.

Who is the best male rapper?

BET Award for Best Male Hip Hop Artist
BET Awards for Best Male Hip Hop Artist
Currently held byKendrick Lamar (2022)
Most awardsKendrick Lamar (5)
Most nominationsDrake (13)
3 more rows

Who is #1 in rap?

The top 100 most-streamed artists of 2022 is experiencing a rap takeover. Sitting at number one is Drake, who is now this year's top-streamed artist so far with at 6.7 billion in streams.

What rapper has the greatest flow?

Top 50 Best Rapper Flows Of All Time
  • FUTURE. ...
  • ROYCE DA 5'9″ ...
  • BIG BOI. ...
  • BIG L. ...
  • BIG PUN. Big Pun would easily be in the top 10 on this list had he been given the chance to put a larger discography together. ...
  • KENDRICK LAMAR. Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images.
Nov 26, 2019

Who is the fastest Eminem or Twista?

Top 10 fastest rappers in the world
  • NoClue - 14.1 syllables per second.
  • Busta Rhymes - 12.8 syllables per second. ...
  • Krayzie Bone - 12.5 syllables per second. ...
  • Twista - 11.2 syllables per second. ...
  • Eminem - 10.65 syllables per second. Photo: @eminem on Instagram (modified by author) ...
Jan 6, 2023

What is Busta Rhymes fastest rap?

Busta Rhymes – Break Ya Neck.

Who was the fastest rapper in the 90s?

Known to many as the chop king, Twista is an American rapper from Chicago. He released Runnin' Off at da Mouth, his first album, in 1992 under the stage name Tung Twista. Twista once held the Guinness World Record for “Fastest Rap MC”. He rapped 598 syllables in 55 seconds.

How fast is Eminem in majesty?

On "Majesty", Eminem raps 123 syllables in about 12 seconds—about 10.3 syllables per second—, while he spits 157 syllables in 16.3 seconds—9.6 syllables per second— on the speediest part of "Rap God". However, the latter track does still hold the Guinness World Record for most words in a single with 1,560.

What is a bar in rap?

A bar is a measure of time in music, and in rap music a bar signifies a verse of the song within a 1, 2, 3, 4 count. After determining the bars, you will be able to write your lyrics within the confines of a bar. Finding rap instrumentals online or picking a favorite rap song can help you learn how to identify bars.

What rapper has the most words?

Aesop Rock has the largest vocabulary in hip-hop, according to a study by data scientist Matt Daniels. Using lyrics from Rap Genius, Daniels examined 85 rappers' first 35,000 lyrics for unique words to give a level playing field to old and new artists.

Who has the biggest vocabulary in rap?

For the most recent update, I pored over requests from readers, and Busdriver was most common on folks' wishlists. He and Aesop Rock are the only rappers with more than 7,000 unique words in their first 35,000 lyrics.

What was the first ever word on earth?

The Oldest Word in the World. It is believed the first spoken word was “Aa,” which meant hey. “Aa” is thought to have first been spoken by an australopithecine in Ethiopia over a million years ago.

What is the number 1 longest word?

Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is the longest word entered in the most trusted English dictionaries.

What's the most used word in America?

Here's the List of the 1000 Most Common English Words
  • be – “Will you be my friend?”
  • and – “You and I will always be friends.”
  • of – “Today is the first of November.”
  • a – “I saw a bear today.”
  • in – “She is in her room.”
  • to – “Let's go to the park.”
  • have – “I have a few questions.”
  • too – “I like her too.”

Who holds the fastest rap?

Eminem is one of the fastest rappers in the world, and his iconic track “Rap God” has him rapping at a breakneck speed. He clocks in at an impressive 9.6 words per second, making him one of the few artists to rap that quickly. In comparison, the average rapper speaks at 6 to 7 words per second.

Did Eminem break the world record for fastest rap?

In its 1993 edition, the book famously listed Chicago MC Twista as the World's Fastest Rapper. He rapped 598 syllables in 55 seconds to earn the honor. Eminem still holds the record for the most words in a hit single, however.

How long did it take for Eminem to be a rapper?

At age 14 he began rapping in clubs in Detroit, Michigan, and, when unexcused absences kept him in the ninth grade for the third year, he quit school, determined to make it in hip-hop music.

How long did Eminem take a break from rap?

Proof's (left) death in 2006 was one of the factors that caused Eminem to fall into depression during his five-year hiatus.

Who is the fastest rapper in stray kids?

Top 10 Fastest Kpop Rappers of All Time
  • #1 Outsider – 24sps. ...
  • #2 Changbin (Stray Kids) – 11.13sps. ...
  • #4 Zelo (B.A.P) – 10.12sps. ...
  • #6 Suga (BTS) – 9.83sps. ...
  • #8 RM (BTS) – 9.24sps. ...
  • #10 Mino (WINNER) – 8.50sps.
Apr 12, 2023

How old is 8 Mile?

8 Mile is a 2002 American drama film written by Scott Silver and directed by Curtis Hanson. It stars Eminem in his film debut, alongside Mekhi Phifer, Brittany Murphy, Michael Shannon, Anthony Mackie, and Kim Basinger.

Why did Eminem get 2 years probation?

April 10, 2001 -- Eminem was sentenced to two years of probation today in Mount Clemens, Mich., after pleading guilty to a charge of carrying a concealed weapon, according to The Associated Press.

Did Eminem have to learn to rap again?

Eminem has revealed that he had to retrain himself to rap following his 2007 accidental overdose on methadone.

Why was Eminem in a coma for 10 days?

1. As a nine-year-old, Eminem was beaten so badly by a school bully that he spent over a week in a coma. His music has since been credited with helping to bring more than one fan out of similar states, including a twelve-year-old girl who was hit by a car in Northumberland.

How long does Eminem run?

“I became a f—ing hamster. Seventeen miles a day on a treadmill,” admits the rapper, who says he ran to the point of injury. “I would get up in the morning, and before I went to the studio, I would run eight and a half miles in about an hour. Then I'd come home and run another eight and a half.

How many hours does Eminem work?

For anyone else, Eminem's habits will sound pretty familiar. “He comes in at 9 AM every day to the studio, takes his lunch break at 1 PM, and is out of there by 5 PM. It's like a schedule.

Why does Eminem rap so fast now?

Eminem is only able to rap so fast because of his many years of practice. Growing up in the Detroit slums he would write wraps daily and perfected, over time he's literally trained his tongue and mouth to move at lightning speed, while still retaining full pronunciation of all the syllables.

What is the fastest song ever recorded?

"Thousand" was listed in Guinness World Records for having the fastest tempo in beats-per-minute (BPM) of any released single, peaking at approximately 1,015 BPM.

Did Stray Kids break any records?

Stray Kids breaks personal record as latest release 'MAXIDENT' surpasses 1.3 million album sales. Stray Kids smash their previous sale records!


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